What if I accidentally pay for the incorrect space or zone number?


It is very important to review all of your parking details before starting  your session. Parking transactions can’t be changed once started, as no parking operator allows us to have that functionality. Should you start a session using the incorrect space/zone number, you will need to immediately start another session with the correct space/zone number, as officers use your space/zone number to identify and verify your parking payment.

If you receive a ticket due to using the incorrect space/zone number in your transaction, you will still have the opportunity to appeal this ticket  directly with the parking operator. You’ll need to access your MobileNOW! account with your cell phone number and PIN to retrieve your parking payment (My History). You can use this as proof of your payment for  your appeal, should it be needed. MobileNOW! doesn’t issue or handle citations, and certainly can’t guarantee the outcome of any adjudication request you may choose to make, but having proof you did pay for parking, just with a minor error in your transaction, will go a long way in stating your case.

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