What if I received a ticket, but I believe it's issued wrongly?


According to regulations MobileNOW! as the service provider can not invalidate and/or appeal tickets for the customers. If you believe that the ticket/citation was issued in error or you have other reasons to appeal the ticket/citation please contact your local Police/Parking Authority.

If you received a ticket/citation and you believe that it’s issued wrongly please contact your local Police/Parking Authority:

  • In Akron, OH
    Parking Division by phone at 330-375-2544
  • In Athens, GA
    Downtown Athens Parking System by phone at 706-613-7978
  • In Bethlehem, PA
    Bethlehem Parking Authority by phone at 610-865-7123, ext. 0
  • In Decatur, GA
    Dawn Thompson Parking Development by phone at 404-597-3148
  • In Fort Lee, NJ
    Fort Lee Parking Authority by phone at 201-592-3500, ext. 1518
  • In Hudson, NY
    Police Department- Parking Ticket Bureau by phone at 518-828-0218
  • In Madison, WI
    Madison Parking Division by phone at 608-266-4761
  • In Montgomery County, MD
    Division of Parking Management by phone at 240-777-8740 or
    by e-mail at mcdot.parking@montgomerycountymd.gov
  • In University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Office of Business and Finance by phone at 402-472-4455
  • In Wildwood, NJ
    Wildwood Police Department by phone at 609-522-0222
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