How do I enter city as a parking location at the web page?


First of all, log in to your account at  using either computer, smartphone or tablet. The web page works with every Internet connected device that has web browser.

You can start parking by two ways:

  • typing in the location (parking space) number that you can find on the MobileNOW! sticker
  • typing in the city name

Entering location by city/location name:

  1. Start typing in the city name and the system will propose found locations. Click on the correct city/location.
  2. Enter location (space) number you see on the MobileNOW! sticker at the parking meter
  3. In order to extend the parking you started with multi-space parking meter (in selected locations) please enter the access code. If you start new parking you do not need to enter anything here
  4. Select the parking duration from drop-down menu.
    Please note that the duration listing might not be available. In this case you can stop parking at any time. You will be charged for parked time only. Some locations require you to choose car (license plate number) that you are parking.
  5. Click on "Park my car!" button.
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